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Landlord and tenant matters

I represent both landlords and tenants in disputes involving the following:

  • Rent overcharging and abatement
  • Unlawful eviction
  • Non-payment
  • Holdover proceedings
  • Subleasing
  • Lease provisions and renewals
  • Landlord obligations to make repairs
  • Unsafe housing conditions

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Brooklyn, New York Family Law, Divorce and Custody Attorney

I represent clients in residential and commercial real estate transactions, including the purchase and sale of houses, co-ops and condominiums and the refinancing of mortgages.

With New York finally recognizing no-fault divorces, marriages can now be terminated due to the “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for 6 or more months.” The legislature has now leveled the playing field for non-monied spouses in regards to spousal maintenance and counsel fees. With these changes now placing a higher emphasis on the critical issues affecting your case, you need an experienced attorney to help you get the results you deserve. I am that attorney. I work tirelessly to ensure that your needs are taken care of today and in the future.

I represent both landlords and tenants in disputes involving the following: Rent overcharging and abatement, Unlawful eviction, Non-payment Holdover proceedings, Subleasing, Lease provisions and renewals, Landlord obligations to make repairs and Unsafe housing conditions

I can help you secure your financial future. I prepare all types of wills and trusts for clients, and represent clients in probate matters. I also help establish living wills, healthcare proxies and durable powers of attorney to protect you and your interests from unforeseen calamities. If litigation becomes necessary, I advocate zealously on behalf of clients to secure the assets they deserve.

February 2015

Attorney’s fees

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In 2010, the divorce law changed in that the legislature created a presumption that the monied spouse (the spouse with more [...]

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