Attorney’s fees

In 2010, the divorce law changed in that the legislature created a presumption that the monied spouse (the spouse with more money and a higher income) must pay the legal fees of the spouse who pays less.  This means the spouse with more money pays the legal fees of the spouse who pays less unless [...]

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The Importance of Holiday Schedules

If you are going through a divorce and if you have children, it is important you think about a holiday schedule.  When people divorce, they typically know that they must come up with a schedule for the children.  But, when thinking of a schedule people usually think of their everyday lives, i.e. when they have [...]

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Landlord Tricks With Walls

“First rent” is a principle of law that applies to certain legal rents and registrations after construction work qualifies renovated apartments as new units. For example, if the landlord changes walls in an apartment with the effect of increasing or decreasing it’s overall size, the “first rent” provision may come into play. When a landlord [...]

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Protect Your Privacy

At times, landlords will send out forms to tenants asking for personal information. Unfortunately, sometimes supplying what appears to be harmless data that’s being reasonably collected can be dangerous. Income, occupancy, and other data may be used against you. So be wary of revealing anything you aren’t legally obliged to. If the landlord sends you [...]

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