Attorney’s fees

In 2010, the divorce law changed in that the legislature created a presumption that the monied spouse (the spouse with more money and a higher income) must pay the legal fees of the spouse who pays less.  This means the spouse with more money pays the legal fees of the spouse who pays less unless [...]

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Unique Claims That Can Be Argued

Landlord-tenant disputes can have unique facts. Sometimes unusual fact patterns seem to fall outside existing regulations. In making a determination, the judge may have discretion in applying the law. For example, let’s say you are living in an apartment where the original leaseholder, a family member, moved out. Every year he or she renews the [...]

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When to Forward Mail to Your Attorney

One ploy unscrupulous landlords have used is suing for rent after the tenant moved out, claiming the apartment was never surrendered. Your first defense to this is carefully documenting the end of your tenancy and return of the premises to the landlord. If you suspect the landlord may attempt something like this, you can also [...]

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Do Your Homework Before Calling the Landlord

  If you see that a problem you’re having with your landlord may develop into a full-blown dispute, research the issues before saying or doing anything rash. Frequently, difficulties between landlords and tenants cause tempers to flare; situations which could be handled better turn into bad blood and unnecessary legal expense.Start with the free information [...]

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