The Importance of Holiday Schedules

If you are going through a divorce and if you have children, it is important you think about a holiday schedule.  When people divorce, they typically know that they must come up with a schedule for the children.  But, when thinking of a schedule people usually think of their everyday lives, i.e. when they have work and the children have school or daycare.  However, people also need to think about holidays and special occasions.
There should be two separate schedules – a regular schedule for everyday life and a separate schedule for holidays and vacations.  The holiday and vacation schedule should trump the regular schedule.  In other words, if the holiday and the regular schedule conflict, the holiday schedule wins.  Otherwise, luck will govern who has the children on important holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.  So, if you are getting divorced, try to work out a separate schedule for holidays.  It could be as simple as listing the holidays that are important to you and your soon to be ex and stating that each parent will have parenting time every other year.
Another approach is that each holiday is divided even (maybe 9-2 and 2-8).  This only works if both parties’ families are close to each other geographically.  The schedule will of course have to be suited to your needs and the needs of the children.
In sum, if you are getting divorced, do not forget holidays!
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