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Attorney Spotlight: Mark Feldman

Meet Mark Feldman!
Mark A. Feldman of the Law Office of Mark A. Feldman in Brooklyn, New York has practiced law for 37 years. After graduation from Hofstra Law School in 1976, Mark worked with litigation and defense law firms and as a principal law secretary for New York Supreme Court justices. Mark started his own firm in 1991 specializing in family law issues, including divorce, child custody/visitation, child support, domestic abuse defense, adoption and more.
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What’s a typical day like?
A typical day involves arriving to the office early to prepare work and assignments for my staff, going to court and returning calls while waiting for my turn in court. Once I return to the office, I often have to dictate correspondence concerning the current case and other matters, prepare for the next court date and return calls and confirm appointments. Finally, I get to go home and spend time with my family. On rare occasions I may also have to work late into the night assisting clients in emergency situations mainly involving order of protection situations.
What is the most fulfilling part of your job?
The most fulfilling part of my job is knowing that I was there when the client needed me and was able to help him/her out to the best of my abilities. I feel fulfilled when I see my clients enjoy successful results from our efforts.
What do you enjoy most about being part of the Hyatt Legal Plans attorney network?
The best part of being in the Hyatt network is receiving referrals on so many different areas of law and getting the opportunity to help people in need of legal assistance.
What advice do you have for clients about finding the right lawyer for their situation?
I advise clients to meet with an attorney who will be very involved in their case. I am very “hands on” and I always tell clients that I get the best results with clients who are also proactive in their cases. I welcome phone calls and emails and strive to respond as soon as possible. Clients should insist on an attorney who is responsive and available to them.

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